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Install Instructions

Some/All buttons don't work

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If some/all of the buttons on your remote don't work you can try to capture codes that are received by coolreciver. To do that you need to set debugging level in MediaPortal to "Debug". After that you will see, in the log file, lines like this one:

2008-04-22 15:22:40.882358 [Debug][MPMain]: CoolReciver : 18

when you press one of the buttons. Number you see is the received code after you press button (on my remote for Power button it would be 0, for ENTER it would be 19 etc.). When you get all the codes for missing buttons you need to edit CoolReciver_Default.xml file. In it you will find lines like this:

<button name="Enter" code="19">
   <action layer="0" condition="*"...more text... />

As you can see there you see button name (Enter in this case) and code that is received for that button (19 in this case). Part with "<action layer ..." is not important for now, so ignore it. All you need to do is to change code part to match the one you saw in log file. If however you do not find button with the right name you can rename one in the file (ie. change "Enter" to "Return") and change the code (ie. change 19 to 33). Also you can add new button to the file by adding following lines:

<button name="NewButtonName" code="xx">

make sure you replace "xx" with appropriate number you read in log file. Then you need to assign action to that button as show earlier and you are done.

"<action layer=... " part you do not enter manually, it is added by the mapping option when you assign action to the buttons.

Also there is one more way to get the rm codes. If you open regedit.exe and go to the following registry key:


you will find key Remote Code and after each key press you will see different value which corresponds with one i the log file, at least in my case. For this to work you must be user with administrators privileges.


If You have any questions about the plugin write to my email or post your question in the mediaportal forum here.

Last Updated on Sunday, 15 March 2009 14:00

Installing Launcher for WinfastPVR 2

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If you have a launcher like on the next picture then you have WinfastPVR2 and this (WFFM.exe) launcher is for you.



Winfast PVR2 doesn't use WFMultRM launcher anymore, so I had to make new launcher that, in fact, replaces WinastFM application. So when you wish to start MediaPortal you need to select WinfastFM, in the original launcher, and then the new launcher will show up, where you need to select WinfastFM or MediaPortal. If you don't make a choice after 25 seconds WinfastFM will be launched automatically, this way sheduled radio recordings won't be missed.

To install this launcher you need to rename WFFM.exe to and then put the WFFM.exe and WFFM.ini from zip file you downloaded in the folder where WFFM.exe is (the one you need to rename), by default Winfast is installed in "C:\Program&nbps;Files\WinFast\WFDTV". If your WinFast PVR2 and/or MediaPortal are not in default folders You need to edit paths in the WFFM.ini file, there you can also set the timeout value, after which the WinfastFM will start.

MediaPortal launcher application will look like this:

Last Updated on Monday, 09 February 2009 09:14

Installing Launcher for WinfastPVR

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If you would like to run MediaPortal with your remote you need to replace existing WFMultRM.exe (first backup the original file) in "C:\Program Files\WinFast\WFTVFM" (or where you installed Winfast PVR) folder with new WFMultRM.exe that you downloaded. If your WinFast PVR and/or MediaPortal are not in theirs default folders You need to copy the WFMultRM.ini with WFMultRM.exe and then edit paths in the ini file.

New application launcher will look like this:


see the new button Wink. I hope You like it.

Last Updated on Monday, 09 February 2009 09:23

Installing Launchers (easy way)

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Download launcher_setup.exe (or coolreciverlauncher_setup.exe) and execute it. It will prompt you for the right version (PVR or PVR2). After you click next it will ask you for the destination (just click next because it autodetects correct location), click install. If it doesn't find correct locations for WinfastPVR(2) and/or MediaPortal it will prompt you to find it. Installer will write correct information in to the ini file and it will backup original files. If you decide to uninstall this marvelous piece of software Smile it will restore original files (you have uninstall option in the "Add/Remove Programs").

Last Updated on Monday, 09 February 2009 09:17

Installing MediaPortal Plugin

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After you download the you need to extract its contents to MediaPortal folder, folder where you will find mediaportal.exe (default location is C:\Program Files\TeamMediaPortal\MediaPortal\), then run Configuration.exe and select plugins option.

Under Process Plugins you will see CoolReciver listed and enabled. If it isn't enabled right click on the icon and enable it. After that you need to setup the plugin (right click and then Configuration), when you select setup you will see following picture:

Select the installed version of Winfast PVR you have and then from dropdown menu select remote control type you have. If it is not on the list select default. To change remote key mapping  press "Mapping" button and then following window will appear. There you can change mappings as you wish.

In following table you will find default actions for the remote.

ButtonDefault Action
PowerExit MediaPortal
MTSWindow "Home"
VideoWindow "Videos"
DisplayShow OSD
CH+Move Up
CH-Move Down
Vol+Move Right
When DVD is playing: Volume Up
When Media is playing: Volume Up
Vol-Move Left
When DVD is playing: Volume Down
When Media is playing: Volume Down
FullScreenToggle Windowed Fullscreen
SleepStandby Windows
MuteVolume Mute
RedRemote Red Button
When Media is playing: Move Left
GreenRemote Green Button
YellowRemote Yellow Button
BlueRemote Blue Button
When Media is playing: Move Right
0-9Key Pressed 0-9
FineTune+Page Up
FineTune-Page Down
PiPContext Menu
. (dot)Show Subtitles
EnterSelect Item
RecallPrevious Menu
BackStep Back
When Media is playing: Pause
When TV is running: Pause
When DVD is playing: Pause
SnapshotTake Screenshot
Last Updated on Monday, 09 February 2009 09:18
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